Update March 1, 2021: after discussions with the record company we have decided to schedule the release of the Complex Three EP for April 1, and then the first single will be released in June with the album coming out October. The 7” single will be available in blue vinyl with a gatefold sleeve, also in digital format - a new version of Kansas City Blue (alongside a full performance video) on Side 1 with a brand new song, Full Moon Glow (Shine On) on Side 2. Hope you are all enjoying a much better 2021 —DC

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Album release scheduled for October 2021

Oil painting by Rebecca Calhoun - studiocalhoun.com

The Sound: “A unique story told over a unique soundtrack with hints of British Psychedelia and late night Blues,” Barrie Cadogan (Guitar man and singer, Little Barrie)

“Set within the frame of classic Beatles, Larry Norman, Pink Floyd along with a healthy dose of Blues woven with oriental undertones . . .” Wm Paul Young (Author of The Shack and other acclaimed novels)

“It's just Rock music with a groove,” DC Collard (Musician and missionary kid) 

Listeners have compared the music to: Syd Barrett, Peter Gabriel, Wire, Glass Animals, The The, Lou Reed, The Record Company, Imagine Dragons, John Lennon, Frank Turner, The Kinks.

"Assume the missionary position, press play and listen closely as DC Collard screws with your mind . . ." Matt Johnson (Singer and songwriter, The The)

The Album: “. . . paints an absorbing picture of childhood’s vivid experiences with a musical palette rich in diversity . . . The range of [DC’s] ambition is equally matched by his virtuosity . . .” Roger Glover (Producer and bass player, Deep Purple)

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"It’s brilliantly dark - and British. It’s an absolute masterpiece!” Alan Shacklock (Producer)

Topics: fear, faith, love, childhood separation and abuse, grief, anger; and that great survival technique, numbed emotions - but above all, hope. 

“This is music that needs to be played at volume. The message needs to be even louder.” Neil Chenoweth (Investigative journalist and published author)

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