Announcing our release of the Kansas City Blue 7” with gatefold sleeve in blue vinyl on the CRS Music & Media label - on the B Side a new song, Full Moon Glow (Shine On), exclusive to this record—


Update from October 23, 2021: The Subway Sect album Moments Like These, limited edition vinyl, came out in August and sold out; mid-November will finally see the release of Kansas City Blue 7” gatefold sleeve blue vinyl and video; October 29, The The concert film and triple live album will be available, already in pre-sale; rescheduled to June 2022, JoBoxers re-form for one-off UK shows, clubs and festivals— 

So, plenty going on and plenty to look forward to . . . I can almost hear Hank Williams’ voice saying, “If the Good Lord’s willing and the creeks don’t rise, I’ll see you ‘fore long, until then . . .” —DC

Three quotes from Three legends, after hearing their advance copy of Complex Three - released on April 1, 2021

Pete Paphides (author and music journalist) writes “. . . these pieces are really beautiful,” and from his show premier on Soho Radio, “Exquisite.”

Gary Crowley (TV presenter and DJ), “Three lovely pieces of music.”

Matt Johnson (The The), “Complex No. 3 is very wistful and soulful.”

See above for revised 2021 Release Schedule

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